Introduction to Our Driver’s Education Program

Our driver’s education program is designed to provide complete in-class instruction and prepare students to obtain their instruction permit after the fourth classroom session. This program is conducted by licensed professional instructors and meets all state certification requirements to ensure that students under the age of 18 can obtain an Illinois driver’s license.

Detailed Course Structure and Requirements

Students must complete observation hours as part of the 6-hour program. During these lessons, students may be observed by other students. For those who prefer to avoid the observation requirement, we offer an 8-hour program where students can register to fulfill the necessary criteria without peer observation.

Range Lessons and Defensive Driving Course

Our range lessons at Nova are conducted in a controlled environment, often observed by other teen students to enhance learning through peer review. Additionally, we provide the Alive @25 defensive driving course, valued at $100, which is an essential part of our curriculum. This course equips young drivers with defensive driving skills and techniques to navigate challenging driving scenarios safely.


By enrolling in our driver’s education program, students will receive comprehensive training from state-certified instructors, complete necessary observation hours, and gain valuable defensive driving skills. This program ensures that all requirements are met, providing a solid foundation for obtaining an Illinois driver’s license while under the age of 18.

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  • Complete in-class instruction
  • Obtain instruction permit after the fourth classroom session
  • Licensed professional instructors
  • State certification
  • Fulfills all requirements to obtain an Illinois driver’s license while under the age of 18
  • Observation hours are required for 6-hour program. Student may be observed by other students during lessons
  • To avoid observation requirement, you must register for at minimum an 8-hour program
  • Range lessons at Nova may be observed by other Teen students
  • Alive @25 defensive driving course ($100 value)


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